City of Fountains

The incomparably beautiful picture presented by the medieval streets of Bem would not be complete without the fountains from the Middle Ages, whose colourful pillars and statues greatly enliven the extensive rows of grey houses.

The artistic fountains, which were erected about 1550 in place of earlier wooden ones, demonstrate clearly the wealth of the old Bernese community. But the practical mind of the Bernese combined utility with art, and for the benefit of posterity made these fountains into memorials to its heroes and historic events.

The vivid colourings have been frequently renewed in their original colours. Severa1 fountains stand in the middle of streets which bear a heavy traffic and trams and cars have to find their way as best they can around these obstacles.

Bern has well over 100 fountains. Eleven still feature the original statues with their allegorical figures.