Geranium market (Graniummärit)

Dive into a sea of flowers and colors on the Bundesplatz.

The  "Bärner Graniummärit" (Bernese geranium market) club organizes the traditional balcony and window flower market on two days each spring.

On the two-day geranium market (Graniummärit) there is an entertainment program with music from "Geranienzwirbelen" and  a refreshment stand. In addition the geranium queen - or the geranium king is selected by ballot.

Visit the geranium market (Graniummärit) on the Bundesplatz and dive into a sea of colors! The next geranium market (Graniummärit) takes place April 24, 2014 from 16h00 - 21h00 and April 25, 2014 from 08h00 - 13h00.

Bern and its flowers: Each summer, the most beautiful balcony and window flowers in Bern are rated and awarded by experts. The lucky winner is elected geranium queen or king and receives a voucher for the purchase of flowerse at the geranium market.

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