Art and culture

The beautiful little historic town of Laupen with its distinguished castle enchants visitors through its charm, centuries-old culture and living tradition.

Farm Museum Althuus

The Farm Museum Althuus in the hamlet of Jerisberghof near Gurbrü presents the country peasant way of life and farming from 1750 to 1900.

Set amidst today's village life, his hands-on museum gives visitors an up-close encounter with the 300-year-old history and development of the area.

The Althuus also hosts various events, such as art exhibits, topical exhibits and other special functions, as well as tours and cocktail parties for groups with reservations.

Bauernmuseum Althuus
3208 Gurbrü
Tel. +41 (0)32 313 74 57
Fax +41 (0)31 385 36 69
For special opening hours and cocktail parties:
Vreni and Markus Henauer-Herrli, Administration
Tel: +41 (0)31 755 43 39
General information and tours:
Office of Kathrin Etter
Tel: +41(0)32 313 74 57
Fax: +41(0)31 385 36 69

Theater "die Tonne"

The cellar theater "die Tonne" was founded in 1963 and has regularly presented original theater pieces since that time.

Besides theater productions, the venue offers cabaret, music ranging from "near-traditional" to jazz, magic shows, children's programs and much more.

Serge Leuenberger, secondary school teacher and founder of the theater, inspired his students to try acting. A handful of students wanted to continue acting after their time at school and began searching for a suitable venue. They found an old building downtown with a vaulted cellar and started performing there.

Advance ticket sales:
Läubliplatz 14
CH-3177 Laupen
Tel: +41 (0)31 747 99 80

Theater "die Tonne"
Marktgasse 19
3177 Laupen


Tourismus Laupen
3177 Laupen
Tel.  031 0 990 60 60